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The Wordmark
The wordmark is the representative symbol of all visual communication that expresses the brand’s image inside and out.
It requires delicate attention to refrain from modifying the shape or color of the wordmark, and the principle is to reduce or expand the data included in the manual when using the wordmark.


CINOS Main Color 01


R 230  G 0  B 18

C 0  M 100  Y 100  K 0

CINOS Main Color 02

Black C

R 35  G 24  B 21

C 0  M 0  Y 0  K 100

Word Mark Utilization Regulation

(Minimum space,
minimum utilization regulation)

The regulation of this clause requires strict management for consistent use of images, and the uses of all manuscripts should be expanded and reduced according to the regulation by using the data included in the manual.
If the use of data is not available, the uses must comply with the examples below and should not arbitrarily damage the image.

Minimum Space Regulation

Minimum Usage Regulation

가로 20mm 미만 크기로 사용을 금한다

Usage Regulation for the Dedicated Colors
The ideal expression of the identity is using the designated colors on a white background but can also be used as examples below according to the situation. Also, the user should prioritize the use of full-color expression, but if expecting special decorative effect, gold, silver, or both can be used. If a special situation other than the ones expressed in the clause are to occur, please consult with the management department before use.

Full Color Ver.
& White Background

Silver Ver.
& White Background

Gold Ver.
& White Background

White Ver.
& PANTONE Black C Background

PANTONE 877 C Ver.
& PANTONE Black C Background

PANTONE 871 C Ver.
& PANTONE Black C Background

White Ver.
& PANTONE 485 C Background

White Ver.
& PANTONE 877 C Background

White Ver.
& PANTONE 871 C Background

Prohibition Regulation
Using a modified version other than the basic elements of the identity damages the original image and causes confusion. The examples stated in the clause show improper use of the identity to provide a guide of how it should be used according to the regulation.

Arbitrarily changing the proportion

arbitrarily changing the slope

changing the proportion of the elements

changing the sizes of the elements

exclusively using the elements after arbitrarily separating them from others

changing the font

applying colors other than the ones designated

arbitrarily toning down the colors

expressing the image by only using the edges

applying the colors of the edges similar to the designated ones

applying the colors of the background similar to the designated ones

applying the image on a complicated pattern or image