• Our Mission.

    CINOS is dedicated to enabling the success of semiconductor industries by providing a solution to extending the life cycle of semiconductor parts.

    As a leading company that strives and achieved advanced technologies in the field. CINOS inc. provide precision part cleaning and advanced coating service that most suitable to your semiconductor parts and products family group.

    Having our core values on innovation and continuous improvement, and mutual trust and respect. CINOS inc. strive to provide exceptional quality work in short order.

  • How to apply career at CINOS inc.?

    To apply CINOS, an online recruitment platform Saramin and Job Korea, Incruit are in use.

    Please check the available position on the recruitment platform.

  • Employee Benefits and Compensation.

    The salary structure CINOS provides to its employees is annual salary, gratuity compensation, summer vacation expense, and travel expense. To grant mutual profits between management and employee; performance-based compensation will be given to employees.

  • Do CINOS provide commuting bus and corporate housing?

    CINOS provide commuter buses and dormitory for its employees. Services are provided on a demand base, please apply at human resources.

    Commuter buses are routed from Suwon station to CINOS; details available on "셔틀나우"(mobile application).

  • Can I apply even if there’s no recruitment announcement at that time?

    CINOS is only recruiting during the recruitment period. The recruitment announcements are available at [Recruitment]-[Recruitment Information]. Please use the online recruitment platform (Saramin, Job Korea, Incruit) for more details and to apply.

  • Do you have a code for interview attire?

    An interview is a place a candidate can leave a good impression, wearing clean and simple attire is recommended.
  • What aspects do you look for when reviewing applications?

    The screening process is based on provided information on the application including the college degrees, G.P.A, academic or industrial certificates, activities, etc. based on the company’s examination guideline. The screening is strictly based on the application itself, so we recommend all candidates fill out the items in the application sincerely.
  • Am I still encouraged to apply, if underqualified ( different academic discipline) than a listed re…

    Listed requirements on the job opening are what are considered to be necessary for completing the tasks. However, it is not mandatory to possess exact qualifications. Anyone with related work experience and has passion to learn can apply.
  • How satisfied are the employees in terms of the working environment?

    The overall satisfaction level is comparatively high, as all of our employees can apply for the desired position. Role transition is also available through internal employment.
  • How is acceptance/disqualification notified?

    Either case will be notified through E-mail and telecommunication. A qualified candidate will receive additional details regarding employment orientation.