As trusted, synergetic partner to the world’s leading semiconductor companies, CINOS introduce advanced cleaning and coating of semiconductor parts.

What are semiconductor precision parts cleaning and how it impacts the semiconductor business?

The semiconductor part cleaning business contributes to profit the semiconductor industries by extending the life cycle of the parts.
The cleaning process involves removing foreign substances that may affect the performance of the semiconductor chamber process.

What are semiconductor parts coating and how it impacts the semiconductor business?

Each semiconductor process has its desirable chamber condition and productivity could depend on the types of coating that has been applied to its part.
The coating will also increase the number of PM cycles and reduce particle issues.

Cleaning, Coating SERVICE

  • Improved semiconductor productivity by reducing the defective rate.

  • Increased cost competitiveness by improving part’s life cycle

  • Reduced occurrence of particle issue during the chamber process.

  • Improved chamber performance.

  • Maximized productivity by enhancing PM hours.

  • Efficient management of part’s life cycle.

  • Maximizing part’s life cycle through preventing substrate damage caused by a chemical reaction in the chamber process.

  • Precision cleaning / Advanced plasma coating service.


Demands for semiconductor part cleaning and coating service are rising to accommodate cost-saving demand.


CINOS's advanced coating service will create the most suitable chamber condition to increase production rate thorough preventing particle and contamination issues.


Our customers will be able to reduce the semiconductor production cost by extending the part's life.