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Labor Rights

Prohibits Discrimination

Prohibits Cruel Treatment

Working Hours Compliance

Health and Safety

Prevention of Emergency situations

Accident Management

Operation and Living Condition


Harmful Substance Management and Limitation

Non-hazard Waste Management

Wastewater Management


The Sincerity of the Company

Intellectual Property Protection

Contribution to Local Communities

Ethical Management Report

1. Labor Rights CINOS is making the best effort to strictly observe the environmental and social responsibilities, and general principles of ethics to provide employees with a safe and ethical working environment. The code of conduct is applied commonly and consistently to all employees and executives of the company, and all vendors that supply service, manufacturing, and assembly products to the company should also abide by this regulation.
A. Prohibits Discrimination 1) The company should not discriminate against employees based on age, disability, ethnic group, gender, marital status, nationality, political bias, race, religion, sexual orientation, union membership status, etc. when conducting recruitment and other recruitment-related operations. 2) All products must be produced and stored in the optimum condition through the expedite procedure and must provide the best quality product to the customers.
B. Prohibits Cruel Treatment 1) The company will take the lead in eradicating harsh treatment in the working environment. The company may not threaten or make the employees obey with harsh or inhumane treatment, such as verbal abuse, mental abuse, psychological and physical coercion, sexual harassment, etc.
C. Working Hours Compliance 1) The weekdays working hours are limited to 52 hours including overtime, and the employee may take one day off out of seven days excluding emergency or unexpected situations. In case of overtime, the leader of the department will prevent it from recurring by reporting and training. 2) The vendors must also abide by all the regulations related to working hours and days off. 3) All overtime must be voluntary.
2. Health and Safety The company must create and maintain a safe working environment and manage to make sure health and safety can be maintained. The employees must have the right to reject dangerous tasks and report an unhealthy working environment.
A. Prevention of Emergency situations 1) The company must distinguish and evaluate potential emergency situations. 2) The company that must be prepared for each situation establishes and executes a contingency plan and response procedure to minimize damages to humans, animals, environment, and lands.
B. Accident Management 1) The company must enact a system to report health and safety accidents or emergencies and to investigate, trace and manage these reports. 2) Also, the company must execute a remedial action and provide the required treatment to support employees’ returning to business for minimizing risks
C. Operation and Living Condition 1) The company must provide employees with a hygienic toilets and drinking water at any time. 2) The eating, cooking, and storage facilities provided by the company must be hygienic. The employee dormitories provided by the company or the third party must be clean and safe, and the living space must be equally appropriate.
3. Environment The company must try to abide by the environmental regulations and constantly develop, execute and maintain the related task.
A. Harmful Substance Management and Limitation 1) The company must execute a systematic approach to distinguish, manage, reduce and appropriately discard the harmful substances. 2) The vendors must abide by the specifications of the regulated materials for all the products provided to counterpart.
B. Non-hazard Waste Management 1) The company must execute a systematic approach to distinguish, manage, reduce and appropriately discard the non-hazard waste.
C. Wastewater Management 1) The company must execute a systematic approach to distinguish, manage, reduce and appropriately discard the wastewater. 2) The company should consistently monitor the performance of wastewater processing devices. 4. Ethics The company must be ethical in all entrepreneurial elements, such as relationship, task, procurement, operation, etc.
A. The Sincerity of the Company 1) The company may not plan an unfair or unjust profit with corruption, exploitation, embezzlement, or bribe. 2) The company must abide by all Corruption Prevention Acts that are applied in Korea, including FCPA or other related international corruption prevention agreements.
B. Intellectual Property Protection 1) The company must respect the intellectual properties and protect customer information. 2) The company must manage that the infringement of intellectual property does not occur on any technology and know-how the company owns.
C. Contribution to Local Communities 1) The company may contribute to the sustainability of the local community where the business is executed by participating to promote an atmosphere of social and economic development.

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