Acquired global certificate

Acquired a global quality management system certification for more credibility.

Automation system

Operates quality automation system for precise product measurement data management

Operates an analytical lab

Operates global standard analytical system

CQS (Cinos Quality System)

On-site quality evaluation

  • Site and process investigation
  • Inputs result and conduct improvement process
  • Analyzes the result

Supplier quality management

  • Regular evaluation
  • Level-up trainings
  • Status management and analysis

Internal quality investigation

  • Investigation planning
  • Establish standards and processes
  • Investigation result analysis management

Training auditors

  • Personal history management
  • Auditor qualification management
  • Executes regular auditors training

Quality material

  • Quality standards
  • Quality big data
  • Training material

Win-Win partnership

  • Customer registration
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Customer evaluation management

SQS (Site Quality System)

Statistical analysis

  • Incongruent data
  • Abnormal product list
  • Manpower level up

Quality planning

  • Quality policy and goal
  • Quality inspection standards
  • Result management compared to the goal

Quality activity

  • Incongruity management
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Training management

Computing system

  • Product traceability
  • History management
  • Standards confirmation

Quality Assurance

  • Whole products inspection
  • Advancement measuring instrument
  • Analytical lab operation

Product analysis

  • CHEMTRACE analytical lab
  • Quality guarantee
  • Analysis data use