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About us

Healthy and Safety Policy
CINOS Safety & Health Policy

Based on the ideology of “human respect”,
all employees and executives of CINOS create a fresh working environment through safety, hygiene improvement,
and prevention activity in each of their fields of activity and sincerely execute the health and safety policy stated below.


Occupational Health and Safety Management Compliance

We prioritize occupational health and safety management in all areas and include it for all processes such as facilities, development, etc.


Pleasant Working Environment​
Settlement of Health and Safety Culture

We create a pleasant working environment and settle a culture that abides by the basic regulations,
such as safety rules, etc.


Strict Compliance to the Regulation
Strict Internal Management

We abide by the regulations related to safety,
hygiene, and environment, and conduct operation and management by establishing an internal management standard.


Creation of Health and Safety Culture ​

We create a health and safety culture,
such as the discovery of the potential risk through mutual communication with the workers.


Constant Improvement

We establish a goal to achieve the health and safety policy and pursue it constantly.

5 Step-First Management

  • Clean Environment and
    Safe Place of Business
  • Fun and Rewarding
    Office Life
  • Vitalization of New Technology
    and Business
  • Provision of the Best Quality for Customers
PLAN Planning
We establish the optimized health and safety policy to the working environments and legislate the execution goal and operation process according to the established policy.
We also create the health and safety plan by referring to the execution goal and process.
Prior to the execution of safety and health management,
a thorough review from the manager is conducted and supports everything required for the execution with the mindset of not compromising with anything when it comes to health and safety.
DO Execution and Operation
We execute the on-site occupational health and safety management so that it fits the planned process and procedures.
We pursue sustainable management, comply with the procedure and policy, and encourage the voluntary participation of employees.
CHECK Inspection and Evaluation
We monitor a series of activities and processes for achieving the goal of health and safety policy in different direction and determine the level of completion in execution through quantitative evaluation.
ACTION Corrective Actions
To achieve the intended result, we constantly improve the evaluated indexes.
When executing the actions for improvement, we conduct a thorough evaluation to check whether they are sustainable and effective for preventing recurrence.

Health and Safety Management
1. Health and Safety Management
- Zero hazard campaign promotion management
- Harmful risk prevention plan management
- Health and safety training management
- Risk assessment management
- Harmful. Dangerous machine and device management
- Subcontract working environment walk-around inspection and association activity management
- Chemical substances management (MSDS, etc.)
- Health examination management (general, on-demand, special)
- Hearing ability preservation program management
- Closed space program management, etc.
2. Fire protection system management ​
- Execution of emergency training (evacuation, fire, chemical substances leak accidents, etc.)
- Execution of operation function inspection / General precision inspection, etc.

Environmental Management
1. Atmosphere, Water Quality Contamination Management
- Licensing & certification
- Self-examination
- Effluent quality standard compliance
- Atmosphere prevention facilities (cleaning tower, dust collector, etc.) management, etc.
- Water pollutant prevention facility (wastewater) etc. management
2. Harmful Chemical Substance Management​
- Business license for harmful chemical substance
- Creation and submission of the over-the-counter impact statement
- Research output and movement amount of the chemical substances
- Statistical research of chemical substances, etc.
3. Waste Management ​
- Legal processing of the waste
- Result report of the waste
- Improvement activity of the waste generated process

Facility Maintenance Management
1. On-site Electricity Supply Management
- Low-pressure panel board management
- High-pressure panel board management
- Paddy field facility management
2. On-site CDA AIR Supply Management
- CDA Compressor maintenance
- CDA AIR on-site supply management
- CDA FILTER management
3. Conditioning supply management ​
- Maintenance of the temperature and humidity of the conditioning equipment, constant temperature, and the humid stat
- Conditioning equipment filter management
- C/R management
- Conditioning equipment air on-site supply management
4. Safety Management of the Certain High-pressure Gas
5. DI Water Supply Management
- DI facility maintenance
- DI filter management
6. Energy Retrenchment Activity ​
- Saving of facility electricity usage
- Electricity use management
- Energy saving activities promotion