• Various types of cleaning technology including physical and chemical methods
  • Cleaning know-how for all materials including metal, quartz, Si, Sic, etc.​
  • Specialized cleaning technology for the interior part of the product hole
  • Quantitative test of particle through CPDS, HIS, and LPC


  • Ultra-High Purity Parts Validation​
  • Defect rate reduction with removing particles below 0.1μm size
  • Reduction of organic/inorganic particles
  • Extending part's lifetime with our patent cleaning technologies and inspection techniques for showerheads and other parts


  • LAM, TEL, AMAT, ULVAC, SEMES etc. CVD, Metal Facility

Applicable Technology

Technology Name Technology Full Name Technology Detail Brochure
PBR™ Power Bubble Rinse A hole injection enhancement cleaning technology using air bubbles.
PBC™ Pulse Beam Clean A deposition removal technology using pulse beam/td>
MPS™ Micro Powder Spray Pellet Size CO2 cleaning technology
PSC™ Pure Surface Clean Snow Size CO2 cleaning technology
SSC™ Super Sonic Clean Ultrasound cleaning technology using multi-layer frequencies.
SBC™ Super Bubble Clean Cleaning technology using micro-size bubbles.
POC™ Particle Oxide Combination A cleaning technology using the combination of oxide layer-particle
CIS™ / DIS™ Chemical Injection System /
Deionized-Water Injection System
A hole injection enhancement cleaning technology with the fluid controlling method
CAUS™ Chemical Assisted Ultra Sonic A hole injection enhancement and chemical reaction improvement technology with chemical + ultrasonic waves
HTGS™ High Temperature Gas Spray A cleaning service using high-temperature steam